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The author or the publication does not hold any responsibility for your personal financial loss. The project has reportedly a prototype on testnet but not available for the public. As per the roadmap, the mainnet will be launched in July while machine learning and Sandbox will go live at the end of this year. To this accord, a Pre-Sentinel recruitment program was conducted to begin the onboarding process. While it’s promising to see recruitment efforts are already underway, the team have indicated their strategy will rely heavily on B2B partnerships for growing the number of Sentinels in the ecosystem.

UPP also can be used to purchase cyber forensic services, consultancy, vulnerability assessments, and other activities requiring The Sentinel Protocol’s help. These cannot be purchased during the ICO and can only be acquired by doing work in the Sentinel ecosystem. If you find any discrepancies or false information about projects, infringement of copyrights or scam, please write us.

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Sentinel Protocol project has their social presence on Facebook, Twitter, medium, Reddit, and Youtube. Their Telegram channel has over 30 thousand members which is a good number. Talking about the team members, they do have complete bios updated and up for analysis. JH Kim who is on the foundation council at ICON, Simon Kim, John Ng, Kenneth Oh, Hongzhuang Lim and Wong Lee Hong who is an executive advisor at Kyber Network. The Sentinel Protocol will be using the ICON blockchain however, the team doesn’t have any of its own blockchain specialists.

The project does have a full-stack developer and a core developer but they don’t possess any blockchain knowledge per se. Founder & CEO, With a decade of experience in network security and system architecture, Patrick Kim also founded Uppsala Foundation and has worked in Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, and F5 Network. He has also consulted the government and big corporations like Samsung. The Sentinel Protocol to USD chart is designed for users to instantly see the changes that occur on the market and predicts what will come next.

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The company is creating their wallet that is S-Wallet which is powered by machine learning. With the functionality of an antivirus software, S-wallet also proactively responds to unknown threats. The team of sentinels includes security experts and organizations that leverage the power of decentralization to create a secure ecosystem. Exposure to hacks, identification of attackers, and the responsibility of the damage so inflicted, the team has developed a solution. His previous work experience includes positions with Cisco, Palo Alto Networks and Darktrace, a leading cyber security company that develops machine learning products. As of Feb 25, The market capitalization of Sentinel Protocol is $34.7 Million, it’s ranked as #406 this is when calculating mcap with circulating supply if with total supply market cap will be $ 37.7 Million.

All information including our rating, is provided merely for informational purposes. But too low of a price may result in an under capitalized project. It is therefore important to evaluate price relative to the individual project, its maturity and the market it is going after. The team at Crypto Briefing analyzes an initial coin offering against ten criteria, as shown above. Min Wu Koo, has 8 years of experience in business development and sales. Uppsala Token is used to purchase services provided by the SIPB, such as advanced threat protection features offered on the S-Wallet.


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Dayeol Lee holds a PhD in Computer Science from UC Berkeley, and Guo Feng boasts 13 years of experience with computer engineering. Head of Threat Intelligence, Michael Zhou, has 3 years of experience in Threat Analysis and Head of Security Operations, Narong Chong, has 10 years of experience in computer engineering. Head of Marketing, Karly Choi, has held previous positions as both Marketing Manager and Marketing Director with tech companies in Korea and the US.


As advances, so does the risk of identity theft, ICO scams, and cyberattacks. If people had access to reported security incidents and industry news in real time, they could verify the authenticity of ICOs and wallet addresses and protect themselves better. You should never make an investment decision on an ICO, IEO, or other investment based on the information on this website, and you should never interpret or otherwise rely on any of the information on this website as investment advice. We strongly recommend that you consult a licensed investment advisor or other qualified financial professional if you are seeking investment advice on an ICO, IEO, or other investment. We do not accept compensation in any form for analyzing or reporting on any ICO, IEO, cryptocurrency, currency, tokenized sales, securities, or commodities.

There’s a telegram DM popped up on your phone, with a contribution that will expire in 3 min, it’s been a busy day that you’re not keeping up with the latest update and you are about to FOMO in. John has over 25 years of international experience in Asia’s high-tech industry. He specializes in next-generation software solutions to address the needs of organizations throughout the key markets across the Asia Pacific region, particularly in Japan.

Threats have grown in recent years with new forms of attack such as ransomware. Holders of cryptocurrency are at risk from scams and hacks resulting in empty wallets. The success of Sentinel protocol is very reliant on external assistance. It’s beyond doubt a comprehensive security protocol is essential for the cryptospace, and the team of cyber security experts behind Sentinel Protocol are building one potential solution that could very well meet this need. With a product to develop and an ecosystem to grow, Sentinel Protocol still have a ways to go.

Backing technology: ICON blockchain

The SIPB is designed to provide both proactive and reactive solutions to threats via analysis of previous attack patterns, prediction of future attacks and deployment of prevention measures. These databases are not only centralized making them more vulnerable to manipulate but more importantly never complete as vendors lack any incentive to collaborate. Sentinel Protocol aims to create a global alliance for threat information exchange, with built-in incentives for each vendor to contribute to the TRDB. Security intelligence platform for blockchain , this includes a wide variety of security features, from anti theft, malformed transaction prevention, unknown threat prevention, transaction traceability etc. He has over ten years of IT security experience, specializing in database architecture, web application firewall , fin-tech security, and machine learning. Only security experts can update TRDB, however, general users can also participate by auto reporting or manual reporting.

Among other benefits, users can verify the authenticity of wallet addresses and ICO websites before making transactions. The S-Wallet uses machine learning to anticipate incoming security threats based on information gathered from the threat reputation database. The wallet operates like anti- virus software, except it doesn’t have to wait to receive updates from a centralized server. It can be more proactive in its detection based on analysis of threat tendencies and history gathered from the TRDB. It works by providing a threat reputation database, which contains security intelligence information like the addresses of confirmed dangerous wallets belonging to hackers, or malicious URL’s.

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  • The crypto community recently received a harsh wake-up call with the hack of a high-profile crypto influencer.

As new cryptocurrency scams happen frequently, the network would only be trustworthy if enough people regularly contributed to updating data in real time. If you’re looking to invest in a recently launched ICO, the UPPward Extension validates the ICO website. It also checks the wallet address before you send your funds, protecting you from scams and fraud.

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Crypto Briefing provides general information about cryptocurrency news, ICOs, and blockchain technology. The information on this website is provided solely as general information to the public. We do not give personalized investment advice or other financial advice. Another way Sentinel Protocol plans to protect cryptocurrency from scams and fraud is through sandboxes. Thanks to blockchain technology, developers can use nodes to make sandboxes available for users who don’t have the skills or software to isolate code and test files and links in a secure environment.

Nonetheless, the strength of the team, community support and partnerships to date are all indicators of strong potential. The crypto community recently received a harsh wake-up call with the hack of a high-profile crypto influencer. The Founder of Sentinel Protocol, a cyber security expert himself, was also the victim of a hack resulting in the loss of thousands of ETH.

Daily, weekly, or monthly performance reports delivered right to your inbox. Things don’t always go as planned but addressing issues and keeping the community and investors in the loop can make or break a project. Moreover, this is the place where the analyst should identify any potential weaknesses in the company’s position moving forward. For instance, a fundamental weakness in the STORJ system is that the token is not required for purchasing storage. The technology described or in use must be maintainable, achievable, and realistic, otherwise the risk of it never coming into existence is incredibly high. The Crypto Briefing Top 10 stamp is awarded to ICO projects that we rate in the top 10% of all projects.

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Sentinel Protocol leverages the blockchain technology to optimize system availability and integrity while also utilizes the consensus and incentive scheme to share collective security intelligence. Its decentralized Threat Reputation Database is provided on public blockchain for crypto exchanges, payments and wallet services so that the value of stolen currencies can be incapacitated. Sentinel Protocol is a Security Intelligence Platform for Blockchain to protect valuable crypto assets against hacking, scams and frauds. Sentinel Protocol operates based on collective intelligence of cybersecurity specialists, as well as preventive security measures such as machine learning for behavior modeling and cost-effective distributed sandboxing.

Sentinel Protocol is one of the first projects being built on the ICON Blockchain. ICON had its ICO in September and had its main net go live in January. 60% of tokens are being sold during the ICO and are being divided as shown in the graph below. We have rated hundreds of projects to unearth ICOs in which members of our team intend to invest. Pre-Sentinel recruitment program was conducted to begin the onboarding process. The Sentinel Portal also provides a dashboard for Sentinels to interact with and validate information based on user activities via root cause analysis, incident response, and macro-level statistical insights.

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